Presence Retreat

Wednesday 24th June - Tuesday 30th June 2020

Shared Presence with Dimitrios Loukakis

The Here, and the Now. The ever-changing landscape of our own Presence.

As contemporary humans we spend an enormous amount of time lingering on past events or pondering our possible future.
Body and Voice. We use our Body to get us to places quickly when we are late, but we forget to listen to how it wants to be expressed.
We use our Voice to speak but we forget about its ability to truly voice our most authentic self.
We isolate ourselves with technology and we neglect our need to connect and be present with others.
Shared Presence is a practice influenced by Actor Training, Voice Training, Movement Training and Mindfulness.
It is designed to facilitate a judgement-free space where participants can explore and play with their voices and bodies.
It includes multiple theatre games and activities, with a light and playful approach that will help you to find freedom and presence with others around you.
Your Body is not a vehicle for yourself. Your Voice is not merely the background sound to your words.
They are both exciting and integrated aspects of your identity that can be used to connect with yourself and others in the moment.

We invite you to explore them in the daily afternoon Shared Presence sessions .

Satyananda Yoga with Thalia Prassa
Satyananda Yoga, otherwise known as Bihar Yoga, emphasises the practice of awareness, becoming present, and living consciously.
It is an authentic and holistic internationally renowned system of yoga that is suitable for everyone.
It is a live tradition, which means it is firmly grounded in the original teachings of an acknowledged lineage of gurus, while constantly evolving to adapt to the needs of people today.
Further information and links to books, teachings and practices of Satyananda Yoga can be found on,, and
The morning yoga sessions will include asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation.
In the afternoon the focus will be on the practice of Yoga Nidra, literally 'yogic sleep', where we will practice maintaining the awareness at the threshold between wakefulness and sleep consciousness.
Going back to the essence, the heart of yoga practice, we will allow ourselves to 'slide' into the 'here and now' through connecting with our body, senses, breath, subtle energy flows and vibration.
Yoga practice creates the space for us to open up into the present moment and, over time, remain 'there'. Observing, exploring and simply being in that space thereafter is a profoundly revealing and transformative experience.
Coming together
Dimitri and Thalia come from different yet excitingly similar practices. After extensive talks and practical explorations, we discovered that presence was at the heart of both of our practices.
Thalia's practice investigates personal presence, Dimitri's practice delves into shared presence and, therefore, the potential of combining forces to offer a complete experience soon became irresistible.

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