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Riga's Pinakoti lodge is situated in Pinakates village in the central Greece’s mountain Pelion.

The building is a Pelion mansion, built in 1910 and belongs to Riga's family since 1979. During the period 2010-2013 the building was fully renovated and a new building has been built according to both the tradition and the architectural style of Pelion.

It consists of two independent buildings that are linked together with an interior staircase.
The first building hosts the reception area, a living room with a fireplace and the breakfast area, the kitchen and a hall for seminars.

The second building hosts five double bedrooms with en-suite facilities, a living room with a fireplace alongside a kitchenette and a dining area.

Paved court wards surround the buildings, all situated inside a three- acre estate.
These characteristics alongside with the magnificent Pagasitikos gulf view from throughout the property, make Pinakoti an ideal holiday destination that will relax you and revitalize you.


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See the rooms


and the rest of the lodge

There are five double rooms with en-suite facilities at the lodge.

The use of natural materials is dominant in the rooms and their bathrooms. Their style is characterized by a simple and modern aesthetic approach that is harmonically combined with Pelion's traditional architectural character and creates a feeling of being in harmony with the natural environment.

All rooms have en-suite bathrooms, Independent heating, and 22'' LCD TV’s.

Pinakates area


and the traditional village

Pinakates village alongside with Makrinitsa village and Visitsa village is ranked to category 1 of the most traditional of the 24 Pelion villages. It is situated in central Pelion in between the villages of Agios Georgios and Visitsa.

The distance of the village from Volos town is 25km, from Pagasitikos gulf is 9km and from the Aegean sea is 14km.

It was named after the ''pinakia'' which were traditional wooden scaphoid homeware, used either to store food or as plates, made by the first inhabitants.

It is a village with dense vegetation, it has an average altitude of 560m, with fine examples of local architecture that we meet in the majestic mansions, as well as in smaller picturesque folk houses.

Among the traditional, stone-built houses, cobblestoned paths, the tradiotional ''kalderimia',' lead the walkers throughout the village, to the forest or to the village churches and chapels.

In the village square which is one of the most beautiful throughout Pelion, you will find a 500 year old Platanos tree. There ,one can find the big, neoclassical fount made of local white marble and built in 1894 , which is unique in its kind.

The foliage of the tree ‘platanos” shades the entire square and it is an ideal spot to rest from your walk of the village and maybe enjoy a greek coffee or local tsipouro drink. The food is also excellent there at ''Pileas'' as well as in ''Drosia',' the priest's tavern, which offers many traditional choices and it is located at the entrance of the village.

The serenity and beauty of the landscape, the small distance from the neighboring villages, Pagasitikos gulf and Aegean sea, the short or long walks and trekking routes make the village an ideal vacation spot all year round.

Alternative tourism and options



Silent retreat

Silent retreat
Silent retreat
A silent retreat is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. While your skin is being touched by the sun, you will find complete silence and inner peace like you've never felt before. Our experienced team will guide you in the exploration of silence for body and mind in the breath-taking surroundings of beautiful Greece.More information...

Presence Retreat

Wednesday 24th June – Tuesday 30th June 2020
Yoga in nature class
Shared Presence with Dimitrios Loukakis The Here, and the Now. The ever-changing landscape of our own Presence. As contemporary humans we spend an enormous amount of time lingering on past events or pondering our possible future. Body and Voice. We use our Body to get us to places quickly when we are late, but we forget to listen to how it wants to be expressed. We use our Voice to speak but we forget about its ability to truly voice our most authentic self. We isolate ourselves with technology and we neglect our need to connect and be present with others. Shared Presence is a practice influenced by Actor Training, Voice Training, Movement Training and Mindfulness. It is designed to facilitate a judgement-free space where participants can explore and play with their voices and bodies. It includes multiple theatre games and activities, with a light and playful approach that will help you to find freedom and presence with others around you. Your Body is not a vehicle for yourself. Your Voice is not merely the background sound to your words. They are both exciting and integrated aspects of your identity that can be used to connect with yourself and others in the moment. We invite you to explore them in the daily afternoon Shared Presence sessions.More information...

Yoga and Hiking

7 days retreat
Yoga and hiking - 6 days retreat
This retreat is an ideal getaway that will relax you and revitalize you. Yoga and hiking is an ideal combination for nature enthusiasts, people who want to explore nature as well as themselves!Through yoga techniques we learn how to listen to our body, strengthen it and restore it, we learn how to use our breath to expand and control our prana- our living force, we learn how to relax our body and mind. In this retreat we will learn how to take all these outside our yoga mats and into our hiking activity.Pelion mountain is located at the southeastern part of Thessaly in central Greece, forming a hook-like peninsula between the Pagasetic gulf and the Aegean Sea. Pelion mountain is well known for its trekking routes of a high variety through stone paved and wild paths.Its beautiful scenery is ideal to help us calm the mind and get in touch with our inner self and the nature surrounding us.We are going to have the opportunity to explore all the above thru our daily yoga and hiking activities combined.More information...


that you can try


and similar activities
If you wish you can combine your stay at Pinakoti lodge with pleasant and useful activities. There is a seminar space of 55square meters for group sessions. In addition to that there is an outdoor space of approximately 80 square meters for the same use when the weather permits. Both spaces are provided to yoga -or other similar activities- teachers, as well as psychology seminar organizers if they wish to organize a seminar at Pinakoti. We also provide yoga mats and yoga towels to hotel habitants.


Pelion mountain is well known for its trekking routes of a high variety through stone paved and wild paths. A variety that will please all types of trekkers from beginners to the most demanding. This diversity will please trekkers of all levels, from beginners to the most demanding ones. We can provide you with maps for your walks, or in cooperation with the expert of the kind Nikos Maggitsis and his team ,we can provide an organized guided trekking tour. Without doubt, trekking is the best way to become acquainted with the mountain of Pelion and it is an experience you will not forget.


Upon request we organize baking seminars at our traditional wood oven. The seminars are guided by a qualified chef and devotee to baking art.
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